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We are a disabled veteran-owned production company dedicated to supporting veterans and other independent filmmakers in pursuit of their passion projects and other endeavors in filmmaking worldwide. Through our association with other filmmakers, networks and other media outlets, agencies, and platforms, we assist our partners not only with pre-production and post-production, but also marketing their films.




HPB Media Group Inc. has established partnerships with industry professionals in TV, social media, Hollywood, commercial production, the arts, and documentary. We have also established partnerships with companies and organizations devoted directly and indirectly in supporting veterans and independent filmmakers, actors and models, and others in entertainment. 

We are now able to ensure the availability of the tools and support necessary for energetic and talented independent filmmakers and others to be successful. Through our efforts in joining industry professionals and supporters with the raw and energetic talents of independent filmmakers and others, we have been instrumental in creating amazing content and programs that may have otherwise been delayed or unrealized while helping new talent excel!

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